Services – Family Photography

Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean Photoshoot

This simple photoshoot is designed for budget conscious people. It takes about an hour and works well for families wtih small children.

  1. One hour photoshoot
  2. One of your pets (dog or horse) and two of their handlers
  3. One art-print A3+ size

My Big Family

My Big Family Photoshoot

This photoshoot is for those with big beloved families. Ideal day to get together and have some fun.

  1. Two hour photoshoot
  2. Up to 4 pets (dog or horse) and their handlers
  3. One art-print A3+ size
  4. One A2 canvas or metal print ready to wall

Big Wall

Big Wall Photoshoot

Have a lot of empty space on your wall? Of maybe just a lot of walls? Then this photoshoot is for you!

  1. Up to 4 hours photoshoot
  2. All your lovely pets (dog or horse) and people
  3. Three metal or canvas A3 prints
  4. Two metal or canvas A2 prints
Pet Portrait Photoshoot

SPECIAL OFFER - Pet portrait


This photoshoot is all about your pet, no-one else. There are two options available:

Studio-like portrait.
You need to have a large indoors space available i.e. stables or a big shed.
Outdoor portarit.
Good to do it with a good halter or bridle and continue in a big clean paddock.
Pet Portrait Photoshoot
  1. One hour photoshoot
  2. One pet (dog or horse)
  3. One metal or canvas A2 print

All photoshoots include:

  1. Free private web-gallery with 30-60 images
  2. Free web-resolution digital file with each print you choose (for private use only)
  3. Free postage in Australia
  4. 50km travel (additional distance charges may apply)
  5. More pets and people can be added at additional cost
  6. Additional prints can be ordered after the photoshoot

Couldn't find a photoshoot or have other ideas? Please contact me!